Another Ferrari on the team!

I can’t believe how far into 2019 we are, time is flying! We have had a busy time, cracking on with winter training, which normally is a mixture of going back to basics and pushing on to the next level for some of the horses. I can’t say it’s been a quiet winter either, there have been lots of squad training sessions, qualifiers, and we have already had the winter championships at Myerscough. I competed HC as it wasn’t in my original plan for Dime, but she felt ready and it was a good opportunity to do some training inside the white boards too. She felt more confident than last year and we have been working on her stride length and her using her back more, it’s work in progress but we are going in the right direction. She tries really hard but sometimes that comes across in tension.

Jorge has had a fun winter, stepping up and playing with his piaffe, but lots of poles, cantering out hacking, and snacking - his favourite! We did a local show to get him back out and he was fab, I was really able to show more of what we have had in training, with more engagement as one of the things that has got stronger.



Five-year-old JZ has had an exciting winter, rather too exciting for my liking! Most young horses go through a ‘teenage phase’ and after being an angel for the first six months, he then started to find his feet. And he has a lot of natural energy with the engine of a Ferrari. All in the process though, and all of my good horses have had this so hopefully he continues to come out the other side and we can go to some parties this year. I’ve not rushed him because he is rather big and I want him to have time to be strong enough.

I would like to say a massive thank you to all over my owners, supporters, sponsors and team for the support over the winter and I look forward to the season really starting!